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Computer/Media Powered Speakers

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PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Media Speakers

Wow, if you're looking for a great little powered computer speaker, this 2-way 2x20 watt system will not disappoint. 3 1/2" polypropylene cone woofer, a 3/4" aluminum dome tweeter and inputs right off your computer with volume control on rear. (iPhone not included)

The Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker is engineered for the true-to-nature sound for which PSB is known. Many small speakers employ tricks like exaggerating the treble or falsely boosting bass to overcome limitations and poor performance, but not so with the Alpha PS1. Using sound research and exhaustive testing at Canada's National Research Council in the nation's capital of Ottawa, our PSB team has designed the Alpha PS1 with extremely smooth and refined sound. You'll be pleasantly surprised by its output capability and solid tuneful bass response that belies the Alpha PS1's diminutive size. The response off to the sides of the speaker has the same smooth response as the sound directly in front, making the Alpha PS1s acoustically 'disappear' by projecting a large and exquisitely detailed sound image; a PSB performance hallmark. This is no ordinary computer speaker!

Simply plug your computer, game console, tablet or smart mobile device into the Alpha PS1 and you have a complete sound system, one with a high-end audio pedigree. For the ultimate in gaming excitement and dramatic home theatre effects, an optional SubSeries 100 powered subwoofer can easily be added by connecting to the convenient subwoofer output. The volume control will now adjust the Alpha PS1 speakers and the subwoofer together in perfect synchronization. If you crave a sonic boost for your TV, computer, CD, DVD or Blu-ray player or any other device, the Alpha PS1 won't disappoint. You can even go wireless by using Apple's AirPlay ecosystem and just connecting an Airport Express to the Alpha PS1.

Sporting a 3.5" metalized polypropylene cone and oversized magnet structure, the Alpha PS1 boasts a _" aluminium tweeter. The Alpha PS1 also includes a highly efficient 2 x 20W power amplifier. The universal power supply works with any AC voltage making it convenient for world travellers. Its curvaceous organic form is functional as well as beautiful, allowing maximum internal volume for good bass response.

To optimise your nearfield listening experience, you may choose to use the optional PS1 tilt base (sold separately) to adjust the position of the speakers.

The Alpha PS1 combines the amplifier and speaker together into a complete system solution design like no other. Finding separate amplifiers and speakers with this level of performance, at this price, would be impossible. Add in the small size, beautiful high gloss finish, and exceptional flexibility, and you have a speaker that is perfectly in sync with today's world.

Our Price: $299.00
BlueSound Pulse Flex

The Pulse Flex: think of this as a hi-rez music streamer with internal speakers and amplifiers designed by NAD and PSB. A table radio for the new era, for smaller rooms.

Our Price: $299.00
PSB Alpha 1-100 Powered Sub/Sat Media Speaker System

The PSB Alpha PS1 with the Subseries 100 subwoofer and includes the subwoofer cable. Great sound for an office directly from the computer. Note: Add the AudioQuest Dragonfly for even better sound!

Our Price: $549.00
Sale Price: $499.00
BlueSound Duo-D30

A great subwoofer and two satellite speaker system, all internally powered for almost any room and works extremely well with a BlueSound Node or Vault for streaming music.

Our Price: $999.00